Thursday, February 8, 2007

From Abby to Sammy

My Dearest Sammy,
You are adorable, clever and captivating
Charming, wise and sweet.
I am sure that you can see that you have swept me
Totally off my feet.
I know you are
Modest, bashful and playful
spirited, dynamic and bright
Vibrant, joyful and exceptionally polite.

You are smart, suave and profound,
Gifted, wise and perceptive,
Just the classiest cat around.
You never boast but I know how special you are.
I hope that you are willingto consider and comply.
My request to be my Valentine,
Or I’ll lie right down and cry.

From Abby at ManxMnews for my very special Balentine Sammy at MeezerTails.