Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Icon's Valentine to Pixie

I am so heartbroken. I made a movie in Flash for my valentine, Pixie, and I cannot add it to Blogger. I am crying and crying. I wrote a little something for my sweet Pixie to go with the movie. Here goes.... ::clears throat::

I am a big fan of Daisy the Curly Cat. From day one of her blogging career, I have been an avid reader. I read her blog almost daily to see what sort of stuff she’s blogging about. When she was sick Skeezix announced it on his blog and urged everyone to go there right that minute and wish her well. I am a good listener and follower of directions (like “Icon, get down from that table!”).
While I was waiting for the blog to finish loading on my computer, I thought about what I would say as a get well wish for little Daisy.
But wait! What was this?! Pixie taking over her blog! HAHAHAHA I couldn’t believe it! Daisy was away and Pixie took over (which is exactly what I would have done too).
From that point on I was smitten. Pixie and I have lots in common. We are both VERY good at giving the Smack Down to our sisters! We both have saggy bellys. We both like to “put hats on” too! Pixie might be as grumpy as I am and I LOVE THAT! Not to mention that she looked super cute in the pink queen robe with pearls.
I think Pixie is a very wonderful cat and she has a very wonderful family.

Since I can't show the movie here, I added it to my blog. This way everyone can see how special Pixie is, which is the most important part.
Pixie's Valentine Day Movie

Crafted with Love, by Icon Baxter Bentley


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Yeah, Blogger is a PITT about movies. We still have to copy and past the one line of code that actually works. I saw you're video and it is just lovely!! She's a very lucky cat to have you as a Valentine.


Mattingly said...

Oh I watched the video and it is fantastic!! It's a really romantic story. You wrote such sweet things about her that I'm sure you made her melt!

Pixie said...

This is the bestest valentine EVER. I loves it sooooo much. You make me feel so special that you would make such a beautiful and creative valentine just for me. My eyes are leaking a little bit. I never got a valentine ever before! Thank you ever so much!!!

Pixie said...

I came back to look at my valentine some more.....