Thursday, February 8, 2007

Tara's Valentine to Latte

I would like my official entry to be my valentine to Kimo, but I am having technical difficulties. If we do get that up, I'd like it to be my entry. But just in case, I would also like to post my valentine to Latte, which I posted on my blog a few days ago.

I think most of you know I had a major crush on Latte when I first started blogging. In fact, Mom and I read his blog for about 2 months before deciding to jump into the cat blogosphere, and it was through his blog I met all of you! I've gotten a little older and more mature, and our relationship has matured into more of a brotherly/sisterly affection. Even so, he will always have a special place in my heart, so I wrote him a valentine:

A Meezer to look up to

When the leaves were falling
And the wind was wont to blow
My new Mom came and got me
A home to play and grow

She had a meezer years ago
A sealy just like me
But so she thought she should review
The Siamese necessities

So on the internet she went
And searched into the night
To find more information
To help me in my plight

And lots of stuff did she find
On Meezers seal and blue
There was so much, it was so hard,
To know who to listen too

And then one day she stumbled
Onto this interesting blog
Of a darling seal point Latte,
And Chase and Kaze the snuggle hog

Night after night upon Mom’s lap
I’d read about Latte’s days
My heart had such a crush on him
He had such wonderful ways!

I begged and begged for my own blog
I simply had to meet
This gorgeous meezer who just like me
Had eyes so blue and sweet

Mom started me a Catster page
So tentatively I told him
All about my kitty crush
Though I knew that he was taken

He was so kind and generous
And kindly put out his paw
And introduced me to all his friends
And taught me how to blog

And so I got to meet at last
All of these cool kitties,
Skeezix, Luxor, Daisy, Dragonheart and all the rest
And I even like Cheysuli!

And dear Latte it was for you
That I met handsome Kimo
Is he really the one for me?
Only time will show

But oh he seems so smitten
And so my wings to fly
You guided me so gently
To Kimo my heart to try

The kitty blogosphere is here
All great and large and new
But my heart will always hold a place
That will only be for you

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