Saturday, February 3, 2007

Kaze's Valentine to Mao

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The wind whistled as it skipped across the Delaware River. The yacht club almost swayed with the strong wind. Off to the left the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge had opened to allow a large barge to navigate from Philadelphia up to Trenton. The old sycamore trees bent in the harsh winter wind as I shivered a little bit more and flattened my very large ears closer to my head.

Where was I? And how did I get here? Where were Latte, Chase, the Tall Man, the Lap Lady, and more importantly, In Doors??? I had always been terrified of the Out of Doors but suddenly I found myself alone on the river bank without a cat or person in sight. I started to panic and think about who would come rescue me as obviously, I was out of my comfort zone and I would never find my way home alone.

My thoughts drifted to Mao. Sigh, how long had it been since I had spoken to him? Too long. If he was here he would be able to tell me what to do. He would wrap his big chocolate paws around me, stare at me with those big crossed blue eyes and I would feel safe. But who was I kidding? Mao wasn't here. He lives in California and there is no way that he would even want to rescue me if he could.

I started to wander up the bank over frozen ground. My paws were getting numb but I had to move; standing here wasn't doing me any good. Thinking hard, I knew I had visited the river once before in the stroller but it had been summer then, and I had been happy and care free. I was too upset on that ride to remember the route we followed.

Suddenly, a horrific sound, and an even more horrific sight- VISHUS DEER! I froze with one paw lifted off the ground. I ran behind a bush as a huge herd of deer ran out of the woods and began munching on the very ground I had just been standing on. I couldn't help myself any longer, I needed help! I cried out, "Mao! Mao! Maaaoooo!!" I though somehow he might hear me over time and space. Miraculously, he appeared right before my eyes! I was so shocked and thrilled I leapt at him, purring as loud as possible, head butting his chocolate face.

He gave me a gentle lick and told me to hush or I would get us attacked by the Vishus Deer. I nodded my head as he whipped out 2 cans of his patented Rocky & Mao's Vishus Deer Repelent. He told me to wait under the bush as he slowly crept over to one of the Victorian mansions and climbed up to the roof. My heart stopped in my chest and I surpressed another urge to yell out. He expertly crept across the peak of the roof. When he reached the edge, he took the caps off of the repellant and sprayed the contents right into the center of the herd. The Vishus Deer shook their mighty terrifying heads and started looking disoriented.

The alarm for the bridge closing sounded and the confused deer took off back into the woods. Their mighty hooves crashing down and leaving huge ruts in the winter ground proving how vishus they really were. The trees seemed to part and welcome them back into the darkness where all Vishus Deer must lie in wait for young juicy cats.

Looking mightly pleased Mao easily climbed back down and joined me. I flung my paws around his neck and purred louder than I'd ever purred before (and that's saying somethiing!). He gave a slight little smile and flicked his mighty tail....

Latte: KAZE!!!!!!! Wake up! I want to sleep where you're sleeping. Go away.....come on, I want to snuggle there!
Kaze: Mao? I...what happened? Oh....its just you Latte. Sigh.
Latte: You were dreaming that Mao rescued you again. Sheesh, why don't you just make him a Valentine already?
Kaze: Maybe I will. Maybe I will......


Daisy said...

WOW! I was glued to the edge of my seat reading yer Valentine story. It has everything: action, danger, romance, a beautiful leading lady and a dashing hero, and terrible vishus monsters! It was amazing!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

OH MY GUDNESS, I was sooo wurried yoo were going to get eatten by the vishus deer! It's a good thing mao was arownd in yer dreem to make sure thay didn't eat yoo!

Just as Daisy said, it has evarything a grate valuntine storie needs!! Awesome.

Maobert Nichols said...

This is a pyoolitzer prize winning storey if ever I red one! Yoo are vary lukky that I am an expurt with defending byootiful yung ladeez frum vishus deer. Just wate till yoo see whut I ware win I'm dreeming of rekyooing yoo, Kaze!

Mattingly said...

Wow Kaze! That was quite the story! I can really tell how much you like Mao. This is a very sweet valentine!

babyxgrand said...

kaze is quite the writer.........and pretty too......

Jake and Bathsheba said...

Kaze, what a great story. Mao looks like the man cat for you!

Best wishes,

Junior said...

Great story Kaze!